Potato Gratin Vegetarian Recipe Bechamel Sauce Cheddar Cheese Baking

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vegetarian Potato Gratin Recipe
Bechamel Sauce and cheddar cheese Baked Potatoes
Materials needed for 100 people 30 kilograms of potatoes
Béchamel sauce essentials 750 grams of margarine
small amount of sunflower oil 500 grams of sifted wheat flour3 liters of milk salt and sugar, boiling water 5 kg cheese for cheese
grater, potato shoemaker, knife and chopping board
pots and oven tray in sufficient sizeDetailed description of vegetarian potato gratin
potato with bechamel sauce on the fire
Necessary materials
I will make a meal for a hundred people, the amount that will be enough for a hundred people
thirty kilograms of potatoes
liquid sunflower oil
half a kilograms of flour
seventy-five grams vegetable margarine
strength sugar and salt
three liters of milk
five kilograms of kashar cheese
grater, knife, and potato shoemaker
firstly strip the potatoes
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cut black stains on potatoes with a knife
wash peeled potatoes with cold water
use a sharp knife and chop potatoes
chop potatoes in large round or oval shape
potatoes should not be too thin, you should bloom thick
boiling water should be available in the neighborhood
 add potatoes to a large pot
add salt
add pots of boiling water to the pots
After fifteen minutes of boiling, bring the fire to a low level
wait forty minutes on a low heat and turn off the fire
wait five more minutes to be well cooked
cook more if potatoes do not dissolve
add cooked potatoes to the oven tray in anhydrous form
Béchamel sauce needs to be prepared
Add margarine to a pot to prepare bechamel sauce
add small amount of liquid sunflower oil into margarine and mix
the smell of margarine will double the flavor of this meal
add half a kilogram of sifted wheat flour and stir
I need to mix it up
you need to use boiling water and cold milk
add salt and sugar before adding water
carefully add boiling water
add cold milk with stirring
I add three liters of cold milk and I wait for it to boil
be sure to check the taste of the mushroom you prepared and the salt may be missing
turn off the fire after boiling and solidifying
After the bechamel sauce is ready, add equal portions over the potatoes
you can use perforated skimmer in this way to evenly spread the moss
it only needs to be small enough to cover potatoes
wipe the sides of the tray with napkin
five kilograms of shredded cheddar cheese is required
add the grated cheese to the top and cover it with whole cheese
cook in the middle of the oven
after removing from the oven, margarine on top
we will divide this food in equal amounts
rest for an hour before you eat
out of small trays
up to fifty pieces can be served
your fruit juice soup and tomato salad will be nice next to this meal
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